Special System SD
Exposed Installation
Lay-in System III
Special Ceiling

C-shaped profiles in either
galvanized steel or aluminium
and in variable width of 50
to 500 mm are suspended
crosswise by means of
hangers for V-bracing or by
means of nonius hangers
(upper and lower part)
according to the requirements
of the general proportion
of the building.
The cross-profiles are
Z-shaped for mounting the
tiles. 4 trapezoid tiles - max.
size 1400 x 1400 mm - with
Z-shaped flanges on the front
are screwed together
to a unit and mounted on the
The square opening in the
middle is closed by a tile
mounted to the trapezoid
tiles or a square light fitting
is provided.


galvanized steel 0,63 mm
zinc coating on both sides
phosphated and chromated

aluminium 0,7 mm thick


and perforated
L 2516 / L 2520 / L 1622
other perforations are

Surface of tiles

polyester-powder coating
approx. RAL 9010
gloss level: 20 %
acc. to Gardner 60°
thickness: min. 80 my
surface structure:
smooth, free floating
RAL colours are
also available