Standard System III
Exposed Installation

Lay-in System III
Linear Grid Profile

C-shaped profiles in variable width from 50 mm to 500 mm are suspended parallel to the axle by means of nonius hangers and suspension with V-bracing.

The profiles are either of galvanized steel or aluminium having the same surface as the rectangular tiles.

The tiles are produced in variable width from 200 to 1400 mm and up to a length of 3000 mm (length: module minus profile width) with Z-shaped flanges on the front sides for laying on the profiles.

Standard System III

Surface of tiles

polyester-powder coating
approx. RAL 9010
gloss level: 20 % acc. to Gardner 60°
thickness: min. 80 my
surface structure:
smooth, free floating
RAL colours are also available


galvanized steel
0,63 mm thick
zinc coating
on both sides
phosphated and chromated

stainless steel
0,6 mm thick,
0,7 mm thick,
aluminium anodized
0,7 mm thick


unperforated and perforated
L 2516 / L 2520 / L1622
other perforations
are available